PMA Registration

How To Start A Business In Bali Or In Jakarta ? : Company Registration (PT PMA)
Are you a foreign entrepreneur looking to expand your business to Indonesia? As a leading company in the field of company registration, we specialize in helping foreigners navigate the complexities of setting up a business in Indonesia , especially in Jakarta and Bali.
What is the difference between PT and PT PMA?
Both PT and PMA are abbreviations in Indonesian.
PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing) only emphasizes that there is at least one foreigner among the founders, while Indonesian co-founders may also be present.
The fact that you have an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is indicated by the prefix PT (Perseroan Terbatas).
In speech, PT PMA is often shortened to PMA. Documents only use PT without PMA.
Benefits of a PT PMA (Foreign-Owned Company) :
1. Ability To Employ Foreigners
A foreign-owned company can sponsor and issue work KITAS for its international employees. It can also sponsor business visas for business partners and clients arriving in Indonesia for a short stay.
2. Own The Rights To Register Products
Register your products under your PT PMA to ease business operations in Indonesia, instead of relying on an Importer of Records
3. Own The Rights To Obtain License
With a PT PMA, your company will be able to apply for various business licenses to further diversify your business portfolio or investments.
How to Register a Company (PT PMA) in Indonesia?
1. Reserve your Company Name
It should consist of three words that are appropriate and not offensive.
2. Deed of Incorporation
It should include an Article of Association, and a notary must be present.
3. Approval of Legal Entity
After submission of Deed of Incorporation by the notary, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights will give approval.
4. Registration of Tax ID (NPWP)
A valid NPWP is required for securing other company’s licenses, banking activities, and fulfilling tax obligations.
5. Domicile Letter
Required to show the location of your business.
6. Application of NIB
Alongside NIB, Business License(s) and Location Permit will also be granted one day following the registration via OSS.
7. Application of Other Licenses
Depending on the business sector, additional licenses such as commercial license and tourism license may be required before operation.
Other Requirements Of Starting a PT PMA For 100% Foreign Ownership In Indonesia
1. Paid-Up Capital Amount
All PT PMA(s) are required to fulfill the minimum paid-up capital of IDR 10 billion. Shareholders of the company are required to sign off a Capital Statement Letter stating that the shareholders have sufficient funds to meet the required capital.
2. The Structure Of A PT PMA
As outlined in Indonesia’s Company Law, a corporate structure of a PT PMA consists of Shareholders, Board of Commissioners, and Board of Directors. A Shareholder as the namesake states owns the company – they could be individual or corporate shareholders. They have the highest authority when it comes to decision-making. They could be an individual, company, or foundation. The PT PMA will also require a minimum of 1 Commissioner and 1 Director.
How much does it cost to register a company in Indonesia?