Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS)

Investor KITAS E23A (Ex C313/C314) (2 Years)

Investor KITAS is an excellent opportunity to live in Indonesia up to 2 years without any immigration problems. This residence permit is issued to the founders of the PT PMA company. Write to us to find out all the requirements for properly opening a company in order to be guaranteed to receive a multiple-entry investor visa. We will tell you about the restrictions and your responsibilities when doing business in Indonesia. If necessary, we will help you choose a type of activity, a virtual office, register a company with a notary and obtain statutory documents. If the company exists, let’s start opening Investor KITAS. Your family members (spouse and children) will then be able to apply for Dependent KITAS.
Note: Investor KITAS are issued under E23A (ex C313/C314) for a period up to 2 years.

Are you outside of Indonesia? 

Let’s start the offshore process to get Investor KITAS if you haven’t arrived in Indonesia yet or are willing to leave for at least one day.

Required Documents (from Applicant):

• Main page of the passport (valid for at least 6 months);

• Color personal photograph (electronic copy).

Required Documents (from Company):

• Decree from the Ministry for Legalization of the Article of Association of Company;
• Article of Association of the Company, and Any Latest Deed Amendments;
• Business Identity Number / Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB);
• Operational License (Izin Usaha);
• Company Tax Number (NPWP Badan Usaha), KSWP (Keterangan Status Wajib Pajak);
• Recent LKPM Report (Quarter Business Activity Report);
• Passport and ITAS of the Director or KTP (ID) of Local Director / Manager;
• Bank Statement of Guarantor or Applicant (minimum 3000 USD ~ 50.000.000 IDR);

• Wet stamp of PT PMA company (will do in many places);

Steps to get Investor KITAS Offshore:

• Opening of PT PMA;
• Next, send us all the required documents, our visa agency will issue the VITAS e-Visa through the Jakarta General Immigration Office;
• After arriving in Indonesia, you need to exchange VITAS for KITAS within 30 days. Recently, this procedure takes place at the airport immediately upon arrival in the country. Watch the video instruction: follow the ITAS Online sign to the ITAS Online Counter, present VITAS and your passport, you are photographed, fingerprinted, an ITAS sticker is pasted into your passport, later KITAS will come to your e-mail;
• Sometimes the conversion of VITAS to KITAS is only allowed at the local immigration office after confirming the company’s bank statement. If necessary, we will help you at this stage.

Prices for Investor KITAS E23A (C313/C314) up to 2 years (offshore process):

• We can do Investor KITAS if you are currently not in Indonesia. If you already have your own company, look at the Total Fee column. This will be the final price for you. We can also help set up a PT PMA company and then start the KITAS process.

Process name

Total Fee – Bali/Jakarta/Surabaya/All Indonesia

KITAS 2 years