Visa D12, known as a pre-investment visa, is a type of visa issued by the Indonesian government for foreign investors. This visa grants residency in Indonesia for durations of 1 or 2 years, allowing investors to conduct preparation and research before making substantial investments in the country.

What is Visa D12?

Visa D12 is a specialized visa designed for prospective investors seeking investment opportunities in Indonesia. It facilitates activities such as feasibility studies, market surveys, and administrative preparations without the concern of long-term residency permits.

Uses of Visa D12

Here are some common uses of Visa D12 as a pre-investment visa:

  1. Feasibility Studies and Market Surveys:

    • Feasibility Studies: Visa D12 enables investors to conduct feasibility studies for projects in Indonesia, including economic, technical, and financial analyses to determine project viability.

    • Market Surveys: Investors can conduct market surveys to understand local market dynamics, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes.

  2. Administrative Activities and Preparations:

    • Permit Management: Investors can use Visa D12 to manage various permits required to establish businesses in Indonesia, such as business licenses, environmental permits, and agreements with local partners.

    • Business Entity Formation: The visa facilitates the establishment of legal entities like PT (Limited Liability Company) or joint ventures.

  3. Consultation and Collaboration with Local Partners:

    • Consultation: Visa D12 allows investors to consult with local consultants, financial institutions, and industry experts to gain necessary guidance and information.

    • Collaboration with Local Partners: It also facilitates collaboration with local business partners, including negotiation of contracts and partnership agreements.

Duration of Stay and Single Entry

Visa D12 offers two duration options:

  1. Visa D12 with 1-Year Duration:

    • Single Entry Stay Duration: Holders of a 1-year Visa D12 are allowed to stay in Indonesia for up to 180 days per visit. After 180 days, they must exit Indonesia and can return for subsequent visits during the visa’s validity.

  2. Visa D12 with 2-Year Duration:

    • Single Entry Stay Duration: Holders of a 2-year Visa D12 are allowed to stay in Indonesia for up to 180 days per visit. After 180 days, they must exit Indonesia and can return for subsequent visits during the visa’s validity.

Benefits and Advantages of Visa D12

  1. Residency Flexibility: Visa D12 provides flexibility for investors to stay in Indonesia for up to 180 days per visit, allowing ample time for investment preparations without rush.

  2. Legal Certainty: It offers legal certainty for investors to conduct pre-investment activities, reducing risks and uncertainties during the pre-investment phase.

  3. Access to Local Resources: Enables access to critical local information, networks, and resources essential for informed investment decisions.

  4. Administrative Efficiency: With longer stay durations, investors can fulfill various administrative requirements in a single visit, saving time and costs.

  5. Potential Collaborations: The visa opens opportunities for further collaboration with local partners, strengthening business networks and professional relationships in Indonesia.

  6. Economic Benefits: By facilitating the investment preparation process, Visa D12 contributes to increased foreign investment flows into Indonesia, supporting the country’s economic growth.


Visa D12 Indonesia is an effective tool for prospective investors looking to explore investment opportunities in Indonesia more deeply. With flexible single-entry stay durations and comprehensive benefits, this visa provides convenience for conducting necessary pre-investment activities before initiating business ventures in Indonesia.

If you’re interested in exploring further about investment opportunities in Indonesia with Visa D12, we’re here to provide more information to support your investment journey. – Azra Solutions