The Denpasar Immigration Office (Kanim) has been bustling with activity this year, issuing a remarkable 30,692 passports during the period of January to July 2023. This surge in passport issuance highlights the increasing mobility and travel aspirations of residents and visitors alike.

Breakdown of Passport Issuance

  • New Passport Applications: 12,469

  • Passport Replacement (Extension) Applications: 17,874

Significant Increase Compared to Last Year

Head of Kanim Denpasar, Tedy Riyandi, provided insightful data, noting a substantial increase in passport issuance compared to the same period last year. “Passport issuance during the seven months has increased by 44.75 percent compared to the same period last year. The increase in new applications is 14.50 percent and the increase in replacement (passport) applications is 73.25 percent,” explained Tedy to detikBali on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

Passport Applications and Rejections

While the overall number of passport applications has risen, there have been some rejections and delays:

  • Rejected Applications: 59 applications were rejected due to suspicions that the applicants were potential non-procedural Indonesian migrant workers (CPMI NP).

  • Delayed Issuance: 786 passport applications were postponed due to various reasons, including indications of CPMI NP, data duplication, and incomplete requirements.

Ensuring Smooth Processing and Compliance

The Denpasar Immigration Office remains committed to ensuring a smooth and compliant process for all passport applicants. The increase in applications reflects a growing demand for international travel, and the office continues to streamline operations to handle this demand effectively.

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