Visa on Arrival

Applying for a Visa on Arrival (VoA) to enter Indonesia is a straightforward process that allows eligible travelers to obtain a visa upon arrival at designated entry points. Here’s how you can apply for a Visa on Arrival to enter Indonesia:

Please choose your visa on arrival types

B1 – Tourism Visa on Arrival



A person who is a national of visa on arrival country/special entity who will be visiting Indonesia for recreational purposes.

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D12 – Pre-Investment (D212) – 2 Years



The Tourism Single Entry Visit Visa (Visa Kunjungan Wisata) is issued by the Indonesian government to foreign nationals who wish to visit Indonesia for tourism purposes.

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A person who is a national of visa on arrival country/special entity who will be visiting Indonesia for business related purposes.

Informations for visa on arrival

Lenght of Stay

  • Up to 30 days (extendable for another 30 days)

Processing Time

  • Up to 1 business days.

With this visa, you can

  • B1 – Tourism Visa on Arrival

    • Conducting activities related to tourism, and visiting friends or family.

    • Participate in meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions as an attendee.

    • Traveling in Indonesia on a yacht (yachter).

  • B2 – Business Visa on Arrival

    • Carry out activities related to business, meetings, or purchase of goods including but not limited to checking goods at the office, factory, or production site of goods.

    • Discuss, negotiate, and/or sign business contracts.

    • Conducting activities related to tourism, and visiting friends or family.

Documents Requirement:

    • Passport: Ensure your passport has at least 6 months of validity from the date of erparrival in Indonesia.

    • Return Ticket: Provide proof of onward or return travel.

    • Sufficient Funds: Show proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Indonesia (cash, credit card, or bank statement).

    • Visa Fee: Prepare the visa fee payment in USD cash. The fee amount can vary depending on the length of stay.

Important Notes:

  • Entry Points: Visa on Arrival can be obtained at major international airports and seaports in Indonesia.

  • Extensions: Visa on Arrival can be extended once for an additional 30 days at the immigration office in Indonesia, subject to approval. (please check here for detailed information for extension)

  • Overstay: Ensure you do not overstay your visa validity, as this may result in fines or

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Payment Methods

  • We accept Credit Card (5% Fee and using our fixed rate).

  • We accept Direct payments at the Azra Solusi Bali Office.

  • We accept Bank Transfer.

The prices stated in this document are current and valid as of the specified date.

Processing of your application will commence only after the funds have successfully cleared into our account.

Please be aware that international bank transfers can take up to 5 business days to clear in Bali.


  • Terms and conditions apply. We follow the policies and regulations of the Indonesian Immigration Department.

  • If the Indonesian Government closes the borders and your e-VISA expires we cannot provide a refund.

  • Once we apply for your visa on arrival we cannot provide a refund.

  • Once your visa on arrival has been approved we cannot provide a refund.

  • If your visa on arrival is refused by the Indonesian Government, we cannot provide a refund except in special circumstances.

  • Due to the number of people applying and for the safety and security of your personal information, we ask that all communication be through email unless urgent.

  • Due to confidentiality and privacy, we cannot discuss any application process or progress with a third party, unless given written approval from the applicant themselves, or if you are making an application on behalf of a minor under 18 years of age.