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Address Mutation (ITAS)

address mutation (ITAS ) is the process of changing the address listed in the ITAS to a new address, which involves two regional Immigration representatives if the address change is made to a different immigration area from the previous address. The change of domicile or address in the immigration regulations in a limited stay permit for foreigners, be it foreign workers or through individual sponsors, must immediately arrange for a change of address, even though the address difference in the ITAS Address Mutation is in the same area and only a number must be changed.
Why is that? because in the regulations, the domicile address must match and the foreigner will be considered to have violated the existing regulations in the territory of Indonesia if the address in the ITAS is different from the place where the foreigner lives. These violations can be subject to light sanctions up to deportation if the violation is intentional and carried out for a long time.
ITAS Address Mutation involves inter-immigration if the transfer is carried out by a different Immigration area/region. The process is carried out manually and submits an application directly with the applicable requirements at the Immigration concerned.

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