Golden Visas In Indonesia

There are 7 golden visas in Indonesia:

  • E28B – Individual Investor Visa (Establish a Company) (5 or 10 years)

  • E28C – Individual Investor Visa (Purchase of Indonesian Government Bonds or Indonesian Company Stocks) (5 or 10 Years)

  • E28D – Corporate Investor Visa To Open Branches/Subsidiaries in Indonesia (5 or 10 Years)

  • E28F – Corporate Investor Visa (BOD or BOC) To Open Branches/Subsidiaries in Nusantara Capital City (NCC) (5 or 10 Years)

  • E33A – Global Talent Visa by Government Invitation (5 or 10 Years)

  • E33B – Global Talent Visa in Collaborating with the Government (5 or 10 Years)

  • E33E – Silver Hair Visa (5 Years) – Retirement KITAS For a Bank Deposit

Silver Hair Visa type E33E for 5 Years

It is very easy to obtain a Silver Hair visa type E33E for 5 years. If you are a foreigner over 60 years old, you just need to make a refundable deposit of more than US$50,000 with an Indonesian bank. We can help you obtain this residence permit.

Start From : 28.000.000 IDR